Monday, November 23, 2009


Today, I got my contributor's copy of the new issue of Fray in the mail. The theme is "Sex & Death."

For my contribution, I wrote about The Letters Project, a year-long, two-part online project I created, which consisted of Letters from Johns and Letters from Working Girls.
If the question is, Why do men pay for sex?, their answers are legion. Because they're lonely. Because they're bored. Because their wives won't screw them. Because they're stressed out. Because they want somebody to touch them. Because they want to fuck. Because girls are pretty. Because sex is everything that they aren't feeling. Because they can.
The issue also includes two letters from the project.

"I Am Ashamed of Nothing I Have Done":
One can try to hang a sign on us, the collective john, as perpetuating the global conspiracy of sex/slave traffic, and I'll grant that my Thailand trip may have/probably did contribute to some sort of thuggery. But in the end, I am ashamed of nothing I have done.
"I Am a Journalist Call Girl":
I am not terribly good at writing letters, which is strange because my day job is one for which I write constantly. I am a journalist call girl. Or at least I was, until recently. I met someone. I quit before he had a chance to ask me to. It's just easier that way.
The illustration editor is my pal Chris Bishop, who created the site for and illustrated "They Shoot Porn Stars, Don't They?" Other contributors include Dan Savage, Jack Boulware, and my friend Eric Spitznagel.

Thank you to Fray creator Derek Powazek for including me.

You can buy a copy here.