Friday, September 3, 2010

Love is a drug

There’s only one sun & there’s only one you
& me & the us that I see is maybe something
only I see. I drove myself one hour into the future
& left you behind. But it’s cold here & even if
the stars shine they don’t shine the right way anymore.
All I can tell you is that there are so many brightnesses
& I want to look at them all with you. All I can say
is that I can’t chart this dark sky alone.
We’re both too old to have bodies that shine anymore;
but there’s this persistent glow & it’s light enough
to see our way by if we let it work like that.
There’s a whole big cynical world that doesn’t need us
to need each other. But there’s a song on the radio
that raises the hair on my arms, that pumps
my heart full of love & the name of that amazingness.
I’m watching the winds tear through
dark grass blades & I know there are no words
to get you to feel that wind. I closed my eyes for a second
& saw a girl say she only wanted to know if she were
kissing someone for the last time & I’m scared
she already made up her mind right then to let me go. -- [Via & Via]