Friday, November 12, 2010

My thought catalog

After spending some time not being able to think of anything to write for my November guest stint at Thought Catalog, I finally thought of something. The post isn't online yet, but it's called "All the Stories I Never Wrote," and here's a snippet about one of those stories, one about a guy who lives in the San Fernando Valley.
See, I didn't write the story about him because I was afraid he would kill me. Certainly not like, ha-ha, I thought he would "kill" me, and actually in this case not literally kill me, because I spent a fair amount of time thinking about it, If I did this story, would this guy kill me?, and I thought it would be more likely what this man would do if I did a story about him, one that, shall we say, exposed him, would be to hire a couple of his friends to kidnap me and torture me and tell me if I ever wrote the story to completion, they would kill me. Because he sort of had a history of doing stuff like that. I don't know if they would kill me in the end, but I guess you could say that I've been through enough in my life that I've come to the conclusion that the human brain -- or at least this human brain -- is actually more fragile than you might think, and that it would perhaps not bear up well under being kidnapped and tortured. Especially the torture part. I think.
Check back for the link when it goes live.