Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bullet to the head

I had dinner last night with a 26-year-old sometimes funeral director. She was interested in talking to me about some of the stories that I've done, and I was interested in hearing about her experiences with the dead.

At one point, she said something about how she worked with the dead because she was good at it, although it was not altogether clear exactly why that was the case. As she explained it, she was good at it, saw she could do it, so she did. This reminded me of something that I've said about some of the stories that I've done. I had a certain ability to deal with certain things that others couldn't, so I did.

Of course, that continues to be the case.

A long time ago, I worked with a TV producer who had worked previously on a very cheesy reality TV show. She had told her father, who was a well-known lawyer, when she had gotten that job. Her father had said: "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."

He's right. Only, in some cases, it's harder to not do it than to do it. And sometimes from the inside it can feel like this is what you were destined to do. And, who knows, maybe that's true.