Monday, January 31, 2011

My spirit animal is a sloth

I spent the last five days in Costa Rica. It was amazing. I stood at the lip of a volcano crater filled with mist, climbed through the jungle, ate plantain chips, drank Costa Rican wine, toured the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica in San Jose, swam in a pool, visited a coffee plantation, and generally had a great time.

One of my favorite moments was seeing a pair of two-toed sloths, seen here via my iPhone. I had recently become a sloth fan, after seeing the sloth videos on VBS.TV, but it was wonderful to see them in person.

There were two sloths. Maybe a boy and a girl? And they were lounging on a platform on a tree. Occasionally, the one that was vaguely more active than the other would pull at the other sloth's arm, and then it spent a while poking around in the other sloth's butt fur. Their fur is sort of long and coarse, a bit like a horse's tail, but shorter.

Mostly, they were just chillin'. We speculated they had figured out their plan for the day that morning. "We'll lay about sort of upside down and play with one another's fur." And that's what they did.

There's a saying in Costa Rica which is "Pura Vida." It means a lot of things, from "This is living" to "Thank you." It is also about enjoying life slowly. When I returned, Siege asked me if I got my groove back, and I said yes.