Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I get email

You give me a lot of words so I thought I would offer a few in return.

I read your Forbes blog religiously even when I was employed, because I enjoy your writing style immensely. Then I became unemployed, and it occurred to me that it was humorous how your posts had suddenly and unexpectedly gained a new dimension of personal relevance. Then, mostly due to an amazing heap of good luck, but also in no small part due to a mindset I learned from your blog, I became employed again, at a better place, that pays more and makes me much happier, within five days of being fired. Two of which were a weekend.

My life is not very hard compared to a lot of the people who are seeking employment right now. I am an Ivy-league educated computer programmer. So I was probably going to get a job anyway, and make more money than most people anyway, and be comfortable even if I was unemployed for a few months instead of a few days. But your work has touched and helped me anyway, as it has no doubt touched and helped many who have not felt moved to tell you about (or even realized that telling you about it is an option).

We're out here. We hear you. You matter. And we are hungry for words, keep them coming! Om nom nom.

Jake Eakle wants to use his brief moment in the spotlight to point out kiva.org, an effective, sustainable charity that makes you your money back.