Friday, November 9, 2012


Over at my Forbes blog I'm doing a series called "30 Days of Freelancing." If you can't figure out what it is, for 30 days, I'm blogging about freelancing.

Probably the hardest thing about doing it is that I have to post every day. This means you have to do it. You can't not feel like it.

Of course, this is what's good about it -- it forces you to go places you might not go otherwise.

Here's an excerpt from Day 8:
TIP #2: Don’t mix metaphors.
I spend approximately 10 minutes of my weekly 50 minute therapy session discussing the aforementioned issue.
“I want to stop burning bridges,” I tell my shrink. I rattle off a list of bridges I’ve burned over the years.
My shrink tells me that my problem isn’t burning bridges; it’s that I’m not swinging for the fences.