Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You are no longer distinct

Hey! That's me. Back when I had a mohawk. Or maybe it was when I had a fauxhawk.

In any case, please go read photographer Clayton Cubitt's latest phototreatise. It's a fascinating evaluation of how photography has transformed time. Fall into his dark worm hole.
"What if every phone in every pocket had this technology, and you could consent to have your presence 'photographed' from anywhere on Earth at any time, by sharing your own connection with another artist, and vice versa? Imagine Errol Morris' 'Interrotron' in hyper-realistic 3D, from all angles, at all times. What if a future decentralized social networking platform allowed everyone to connect their capture node, for the use of any other artist, or just a chosen circle of friends? We already use Google Street View for location scouting. What if it enabled us to change to any angle and scrub back and forth in time as well, and from any 'open' node near it, side to side, and from drones above, not just from a single Google car that passed by once?

This is the Constant Moment. This is as close to a time machine as we're likely to get."