Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In medias res

In the last week, I've begun working on getting a new project off the ground. It's something I haven't written about directly here, and one I probably won't until it's a bit further along. I've been sending out emails and working on putting together a lineup of subjects. It is in the very early stages of coming together.

It involves something of a shifting of gears for me, which I am looking forward to doing with cautious optimism. I've been writing, to one degree or another, about many things, but more often than not one thing, for 13 years, and that, frankly, has become rather tiresome.

There are challenges in doing this project. I've already been told by various people that it will be difficult, but I've already relatively deeply penetrated another world that people told me I would never be able to penetrate, so there is that.

The new project involves words and photographs. I'm something of an old pro at the former but comparatively a novice at the latter. So, I'm looking forward to becoming a better shooter. I've written on this before here. I enjoy the mental emptiness of taking a photograph. An absence of thought.

It also requires a bit of travel, something I'm very eager to begin doing as soon as possible. I hate being landlocked, literally or metaphorically. Hopefully, I'll be going to Kentucky next month. I'm more interested in going to, say, Little Rock, than, say, Berlin. America's diversity is its fascinating insanity.

[Image via The Big Picture]