Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More movies

"Side Effects": Let's hope Soderbergh doesn't really retire on this note. Generally, not bad, but that kind of movie you enjoy in the theater, and it becomes a vague memory the next day.

The ladies will enjoy the too-brief appearance of Magic Mike, and the men will enjoy Catherine Zeta Jones and Rooney Mara making out.

"Argo": My god, is this movie boring. What's with the hype? The nominations? The awards? If this movie wins Best Picture, I'm moving to Zimbabwe. Also, most of the movie is made up, so there you go.

The most authentic thing about this film is the seventies hair.

"Zero Dark Thirty": Fantastic. Totally awesome. Completely terrific. Super great. Love the ballsy chick who just wants UBL dead. There is nothing not to love about a movie in which the leading lady refers to herself as a "motherfucker."

Shame on the Academy for not nominating Bigelow for the win.