Friday, February 8, 2013


"Silver Linings Playbook": Don't get me wrong, I'm a David O. Russell fan, but this movie is overrated. Cooper is eh and so is Miss Hunger Games. Everyone else is great -- Tucker, De Niro, Weaver, Stiles, and especially Ortiz -- and the movie's uncredited also-character is its frenetic, spastic pace.

In the end, it's a thinky chick flick, and the third act falls to the popcorn-sticky theater floor with a resounding thud.

"Flight": Man, was I excited to see this movie. How many times have I seen "Cast Away"? Many. The airline crash sequence is a visually awesome nail-biter. Everything else is a corny alcoholism story we've seen already.

The movie's fun find is Kelly Reilly. Bonus points for an opening scene featuring booze, blow, and boobs.

"Django Unchained": The D is silent. This film made me feel uncomfortable, and not just due to Tarantino's Hitchcock wannabe-esque cameo as a bloated old-timey hustler. There's just something about a movie made by a white man that says "nigger" over 100 times, that uses slavery as a slapstick backdrop for a plot that can't decide if it's a spaghetti western or social commentary that gives me the hives.

That Mr. Foxx was overlooked for an Academy Award nom was the real disgrace.