Monday, February 8, 2010

Your video remix

Maybe you follow me on Twitter? Maybe you do not. Either way, here are some fine videos that I've tweeted lately. Some are happy. Some are sad. Some are scary. Some will make you want to dance. Some will make you want to take a photograph. Hopefully, one of them will make you want to do something.

Above: U900 does "Diamond Head." I'm dating the lead ukulele player, but "carrying on" with the other guy. I like him because he's the "bad" one.

My buddy Alex Jablonsky and his partner Michael Totten have created another installment of their Sparrow Songs project. This time, it's "The Puppet Maker." It freaked me owwwt.

Xeni does not use the "n" word.

Man-about-the-street Bill Cunningham says men are the new sex objects, and Bill knows shit.

This is a terrible video, but I can't stop listening to the song. Brian Jonestown Massacre does "Anenome Amenome Anemomnuonme?." Or whatever it's called. Courtesy Kevin Depew.

"Nuit Blanche" broke my heart.

Back to Congo with Dr. Mukwege, who appears in my novel.

A photog goes raw dog.