Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The top 10 wackiest stripper shoes

Over at my day job, I compiled a slide show of "The Top 10 Wackiest Stripper Shoes." Yes, that's my day job. There was research involved! My dedication to my "craft" knows no bounds, truly.

I think my favorite ones are the "Bondgirl"-themed heels you see here, equipped with, well, part of a gun for a heel and extra, er, "bullets." Of course, there's something to be said for a pair of stripper shoes with their own stripper pole. And I appreciate the direct marketing campaign of these: "PAY ME." People tend to get a kick out of the tip jar ones if you haven't seen them already. And nothing says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like platforms with hearts for heels.

I used to own a fair number of pairs of shoes like this. They were covered in silver glitter, or had a pair of red lips, or thigh-high fire engine red boots with eight-inch heels. Now? Not so much. They crippled me. Something to remember them by.