Monday, May 24, 2010

The great obscenity debate

Last week, I wrote a post on True/Slant about Max Hardcore.
Even those with only a passing interest in porn may have at least a vague knowledge of who Max Hardcore is. Directorially-speaking, he came of age in late-’90s Porn Valley, when competition was harsh, obscenity prosecutions were seldom, and extreme porn was the hot new thing. Even back then, Hardcore was at the vanguard. Surely, he had his peers in extreme porn — Greg Dark, Jim Powers, and Rob Black among them — but Max? Well, his brand of porn was something else altogether.
The next day, I received an email from Karen Stagliano, whose husband is about to go to trial on various obscenity related charges, and who was gracious enough to allow me to post her letter.
When people say that Max deserves to be in jail under pretenses of an obscenity law, it creates a slippery slope of allowing people to put anyone in jail just because they made something that they simply don’t like. Not everyone has to like pornography. Violent crimes should be prosecuted under every letter of the law, but if a porn movie is indeed made consensually, then even if there are people in this country who disagree with it, shouldn’t we simply be able to tell those people to simply not watch it?
Yesterday, I received an email through, the subject header of which read: "so you don't like max hardcore?"
What kind of a fucking hypocrite, chastises the guy in your max hardcore story who you wrote an email to, for not watching a max hardcore video... and then goes on to say oh fuck it, you don't need to interview Max in prison?

I love Max Hardcore's art. You're a stupid cunt who needs to be skull fucked. How much money would it take to have you skull fucked on camera?

You're also a liar. Not everyone suffers in a Max Hardcore move, just the piece of shit whore.

Who the fuck are you to sit in judgment anyway cunt?

You're the 'sad' one, you aren't willing to give others the freedom to explore their sexuality. You are nothing but a secular fucking moralizing cunt.

No one elected you to call Max Hardcore names and denigrate his art. You're a stupid cunt.

I suppose vanilla feminazi porn is what you're into is it? you stupid bitch.

I am going to jack my cock to some of the nastiest max hardcore I can find on pirate streaming flash porn sites and pretend it is you getting skull fucked now.

Then I'm going to forget your forgettable and shitty article on Max Hardcore.