Friday, August 27, 2010

I get email

Hey Susannah;

I'm working on an article for [redacted] Magazine about [redacted], and was hoping you'd be up for talking to me a bit. The piece is not about his [redacted] or [redacted] -- it is about my own sense of [redacted] at having [redacted]. I'm trying to figure out why I feel that way so much more with [redacted] than with others -- maybe I should, I don't know, or maybe it's the whole [redacted]. Maybe it's the [redacted]. Anyway, I met with [redacted] in [redacted] a couple of weeks ago and got his opinion on the matter (you can guess what it was -- he, incidentally, was the one who pointed me to you and your [redacted] -- you can guess what his opinion was about that, as well), and I'm going to be talking to some of his [redacted], so to speak, in the next few weeks as well. But I read your [redacted] on [redacted], and would love to get your opinion on it all as someone who has followed [redacted] for some time.

What do you say?

- [redacted]

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