Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm in a book

I'm happy to announce the story I wrote for Significant Objects, "Necking Team Button," will be included in the book version of Significant Objects, which will be published by the esteemed Fantagraphics.

Of the 200+ stories that appeared on the site, only 100 will appear in the book, so it's clear I'm special and superior to at least a very small subset of people. At their suggestion, I donated the small honorarium they paid me for the piece to Girls Write Now. About a quarter of the stories will be illustrated, I would assume by cool Fantagraphics artists, which will be awesome.

Thank you, Rob and Josh!
I reached my hand into the drawer, withdrew it, and looked at what lay in my palm. “ALL AMERICAN OFFICIAL NECKING TEAM,” the pin read. It was hard to reconcile the words with my father. At this point, he had been dead for nearly 15 years. After he had passed away, my mother and I had stood over the dining room table upon which sat a large box that contained what was left of him. Cremains, the man had called them. My father, I had longed to correct him.
[Necking Team Button]