Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I get email

Dear Susannah,

Your career seems destined to be TV. Take copies of your TV [...] performance to all possible employment situations. I watched you and you are hot on all levels and I was so impressed by your performance that I just have to watch more of your gutsy stuff on TV again. Push for more appearances.

Such independence. Are you a an Aquarian or Libra perhaps? As a long time Sun sign astrologer (astrol-physics researcher) I like to profile people so need to know your Sun sign. Yes astrology is 90 percent crap (as verified 1950-1980 by Sorbonne trained statistician Michel Gauquelin and his wife Francosise Gauquelin), but the temperament subsection of astrology to do with the matching up of people does work.

I'm age 75. ( My wife did not like you, said "She's a bitch") - :)

Please keep me posted as one in your fan club