Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I get email

Hello Ms. Pink-Slipped, Reverse Cowgirl, War Projecteer, great online writer and social media strategist

I'm not positive how or what to write! Do I try for concision, be thorough and wordy (and probably lose you!) or try to be mentioned on the great "I Get Email"? I'll just blurt things out

1, Me: I'm a 21-year-old UCSC student. Tomorrow I go to South Africa for volunteer work, followed by Botswana for a 5 month study abroad program. I just finished a 5 month program in Italy. I'm hastily getting affairs in order before I leave (including revamping my blog and social sites...aha..ha..ha...hopefully) and don't know what my internet/tele comm. abilities will be after tomorrow. Hence finally writing a couple of my favorite bloggers.

2, You: are inspiring. Really. I'm trying to do what you do. Weird, right? Unemployed to freelance, no job security, wanting meaningful fulfillment...and hopefully getting satisfaction on our own grit in work we love. For me, that's using new media for fiction and non-fiction movies, preferably in an international and socially-conscious context. Social media plays a big role in the pre..., post..., and production phases.

(Based on your blog) You're honest about personal problems without whining. You are resilient, smart, and capable, and through that you are a great feminist and an example for women. Furthermore, you're an example for making something of yourself as a writer in unconventional ways in our unconventional times, with the available unconventional means. I've gotten a web(?) crush on you based on your intellect, and that taught me something about women and (my) perception them. I hope you already know (why else would you blog?) but your blog helps and teaches us other, younger, less-experienced and -wise social media tacticians. It's taught me, at least, and I wanted to say thanks, and please keep on keeping on.

3, Advice: I've worked since I was 14, starting in orchards in 100 degree heat in the CA Central Valley, and I've worked ever since. Only in college, with loans, have I had some unemployment, and I'm sure come time for debt payback it'll be a hell of a grind (especially in cinema, freelancing with no steady paycheck). I relate to how tired you are, how you have to constantly sell your self to employers, the long (read: endless) hours demanded by writing...you know. Good for you for critically analyzing yourself and, well, keeping on. Last post, about negotiating for a raise -- good for you for talking it out with the landlord, taking time for yourself to cool off. Mature, and I'm glad you achieved your main goal for the raise.

Sometimes, I think the only advice I can give is a medium of some kind. Top of my head? I recommend you take time for yourself and watch a movie -- a good story always helps me relax my body and sort out my mind, without tiring me out. I can work through them, too, but that sometimes defeats the purpose. The best remind me that I don't have it that bad / inspire me to keep going. I recommend City of God and its shorter semi-sequel, City of Men.

Take care, best of luck, don't rip your hair out (but if you do, and you write about it, others learn from it and care)

[Image via La Petite Claudine]