Friday, July 1, 2011

I get email

"You reinvent yourself by letting go of who you wish you could be and figuring out who you really are."

Ms. Breslin, knowing who you are does absolutely nothing for changing a woman's lot in life, compared to the willingness to change in difficult ways. Women's blogs are *full* of the celebration of who women really are, all the while lamenting the gap between "who they are" and "how they wish the world would be." This is bad strategy: it fundamentally ignores change. To risk the tautology, you cannot change and remain the same, and the blogs you excoriate do precisely that by ignoring the fundamental questions of "what does success look like, and who do I need to be, i.e., what habits must I therefore cultivate (excellence being, after all, a habit), in order to achieve that success?"

-- One of those scary males.