Thursday, July 7, 2011

The invisible woman

Today on Forbes, I tell you how to get an invisible job. Tricky business, it is. It's "How to Get a Job That Doesn't Exist."
TIP #1: Have no idea what you want to do.

These days, everyone has an answer for you when it comes to looking for a job. Your resume should look like this. In interviews you should say this, but you shouldn’t say this. It’s OK if you email this person, but you must never email this person. Wear this. Do this. Don’t do that. You did that? You’re doing it wrong. If you pay me $250 an hour, I will help you do it right. I’m a life coach. I give career advice. I’m a professional blogger. Do it my way or fail. If that doesn’t work? You’re not doing it right.