Friday, August 5, 2011

I get email

Hi Susannah.
Maybe 15 years ago I remember seeing a piece of yours on [redacted]. The only thing I really remember about it was that you were standing in a pool making out with a much shorter girl, and that you had to crouch way down to get to her height level . That clip may have only been :05 or :10 long but its remained stuck in my mind ever since as something highly erotic. It finally occurred to me to see if I could find that episode on DVD or online but I couldn't. I'm wondering first of all if you have any recollection at all of what I'm talking about, and second of all, if you would have any idea if or where that episode might be available?


[Redacted] *

*It bears mentioning this never happened. The email happened, but this scene never took place. I was on the show, but I never made out with a girl, let alone a much shorter girl, let alone "crouch way down to get to her height level." This is an interesting example of how the mind believes what the mind wants to believe.