Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I get email

Dear Susannah,

I’m a regular visitor to your site and also the editor of the popular energy site [oil-related site].

The reason for my writing and i realise it’s a bit of a long shot is to see if you would consider adding us to your Elsewhere section?

[Oil-related site] has a lot of great contributors and we try to cover all energy sectors from fossil fuels to alternatives and have a great deal of content that focuses on Finance, economics and trading. We publish on average 10 articles a day – six of these are written by our in house analysts and we are working with over 100 contributors. I truly believe us to be one of the most informative energy site online today and we can appeal to all visitors from investors and traders to news enthusiasts looking to get the latest stories.

[Oil-related site] sadly doesn’t have a links section – but to reciprocate we could add your link to the blogroll in our other site: [dipstick-related site] – which is also a PR6.

We also have a unique section of financial tools – that are not available anywhere else online, that focus on energy, climate change, finance and metals which you or your readers may be interested in: [oil-related link] (We can also remove [oil-related site] and any ad reference on them and insert your websites details – so they look like a unique tool offered by your site.)

I realise a link on your site would be based on merit and i hope you can consider us as If you were to add our link i’m certain your visitors would not be disappointed with what they found.

If you have any questions about [oil-related site] please do let me know.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,