Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Novel time

I'm posting my novel online in blog form while I revise it. Currently, the title is PORN HAPPY. It's about a federal agent search for a missing porn star. If you're interested in murder, Los Angeles, and adult movies, you may enjoy it. 
He sits on the edge of the bed in the dark, staring at the screen. They are dishwater blondes with silicone boob jobs and fire-engine redheads with myopic tits, hipster chicks with overgrown seventies pies and Asian girls as hairless as sphinxes, twenty-something speed freaks looking to score and fresh-off-the-bus 18-year-olds, spaced-out Thai girls with fake IDs and Ukrainian housewives with temporary work visas, street-corner hustlers on the way up and runaway street urchins on the way down, call girls looking to make extra money and ingĂ©nues killing time between auditions, Midwestern girls who do gangbangs and Southern dumbbells in their mother's pearls, somebody’s mom totally naked and yesterday’s cheerleader getting bukkaked, Berkeley dropouts dressed like Catholic school girls and tattooed punk rockers praying for a career in gonzo, aging strippers looking to swing and black girls popping their apple-bottoms, they are ready to drop and they are ready to die, they are this country’s homegrown real-life love dolls and this century's fallen angels.