Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I get email


Great article as usual. If you continue to follow up on the story, may I humbly suggest you check out one more interview subject? The owner of Sardo's bar in Burbank. It's a small bar that has been at risk of closing for a number of years due to lagging attendance and a down economy. It probably would have died, expect a bunch of porn industry workers decided to go there one night for karaoke. Eventually, it became a weekly event packing the bar with performers, film crew, and fans.

If porn leaves LA, Sardo's takes a big hit. It's not as if they can move with the industry. The small shops that rent out camera's or perform digital post production will be presented with a choice of whether they should follow the industry out of town at the expense losing other Los Angeles clientele. I would not be surprised if the city of LA passed this law figuring that at worst, it has simply scarred away a disfavored industry. But they probably did not consider all of the other businesses that will be negatively impacted despite the fact that they provide non-porn services to the community.

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P.S. please withhold my name if you write on this subject, I am about to send out 300 resumes and I don't want to have a google search reflect that I am some sort of porn expert. I am most certainly not. I'm an amateur enthusiast at best (kidding.) I'm really just an unemployed lawyer who likes to look at regulations and their unintended consequences. Thank you for your time.