Monday, March 5, 2012

I get comments

I went to a lot of trouble to make an account here to tell you that this article was horrible. It made no point, it was self aggrandizing and arrogant, and not even correct.

The reasons no one reads "your" blog are as follows:
1. There are a lot of blogs. There are just too many for everyone to get a lot of traffic. Odds are, you won't get readers because most people don't get readers.
2. Bloggers are a clique. If you're not in one, you won't get linked by other bloggers and your status in search engine results will be low.
3. Being interesting has nothing to do with it. Most people aren't interesting. I have found horribly boring, poor, and asinine writing that come up as top Google search results. Like this completely unhelpful article.
4. Why does this person write for Forbes? Because she writes in the snarky blogger style and had the right connections that got her this opportunity. Why does she get hits? Because Forbes is a recognizable name and the titles chosen for the blogs are chosen specifically to attract attention.
5. Linking linking linking. Why is it that when you search on Google for something, you end up with 50% of your results or more as fake pages full of ads? Because they link to themselves EVERYWHERE. That's why spam comments exist, because bloggers are trying to get links to their pages posted on other people's blogs. What better way to do that than leave comments? =P