Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to be a unicorn

I've always been the master of self-reinvention.

It's gotten a bit harder lately, because I've gotten older, because a cat only has so many lives, and because the last few months have left me tired.

But here I go again.

One thing I would like to do is finally write the definitive nonfiction book about the adult movie industry. I've been covering the industry for 15 years, from boom to bust, and if I don't write that book, no one will, or at least not as well.

I'm chronicling that journey on my Forbes blog.

In the last several months, I'd been writing a lot of content on my Forbes blog that eventually made my stomach turn. Work advice. Self-help. "How to Whatever."

People who dole out advice are those most in need of it.

I think the last straw was when I was considering writing a post called "How to Be a Unicorn." It made my skin crawl. I mean, really? Unicorns? How far the mighty have fallen.

Probably the way to be a unicorn is by acting like one, not by coughing up crap that lets people believe that by doing nothing, that by reading about doing something, they are doing anything at all.