Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No advice

I think "Miss Advised" is one of the saddest shows on TV. I was auditioned for it, and I guess I used to be one of those sex writer/relationship advice types of people, sort of, so I have a strange, special interest in it.

Since I got married late last year, I think I feel especially bad for these women. I would hate to have had a crew of cameras following me through my blundering dating. The thing you see most clearly is how miserable they are. Maybe so miserable that The One wouldn't make a difference, but sometimes I think, watching the show, that a program produced by Ashley Tisdale is a brutal meditation on how terrible aloneness really is.

They try too hard, they talk too much, they want to be funny and are not. They're lost but claim they're not, they obsess about men but can't land one, they don't know what to do but are willing to go public to show the depths of how sad they really are.