Friday, August 24, 2012


Here's an excerpt from my cancer novel-in-progress. I've written 40,049 words or 186 pages. The research for it is ongoing.
The wife had gone in for surgery on a gurney, and she had come out of surgery on a gurney. The wife who had come out of surgery on a gurney was different than the one that had entered the operating theater.

It came out drugged and said things that didn’t make sense and had a bandage on it. It slept on the sofa for hours, curled on itself, and it could no longer follow the husband if he said too many words too fast or if the idea was at all complicated, which it usually was.

Its hair was growing back, and it was exercising. It was trying to look like the wife that he had married again. It was unclear if this would work.

It was doing radiation. It had a tiny bull’s eye stuck with tape between its boobs. It had one boob that was bright red. It got tired a lot of the time. It tried, but it also failed.