Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I get email

Susannah I hope my exclamations got your attention since in your recent article "How to get people to click on your links" you proclaimed how you don't respect women especially those in power who use symbols to convey their message in a warm and fuzzy way. By now I would hope you would have guessed I'm a women ;) if not refer to my annoying winky face. Now Susannah I realize your job occupation condones that type of outspoken writing too you know grab people's attention and get a reaction, so for that congratulations you have successfully gotten a rise out of me. Now I agree with you too a point about not having to be a Marsha Brady of email using every symbol and emoticon their is too seem cheery and happy as all women are suppose to be right... But you might want to chose your words more wisely, saying you can't respect a women who uses them, this will not help you to receive any acclaim... it might get positive and negative reactions but no one will respect you more because of that opinion, because the fact of the matter is sometimes those little tedious symbols can make all the difference when it comes to getting what you need in the work world, supposed to a loud mouth know it all that no one wants to talk to or deal with in the work world. So it may be old fashion of me even though I am provably not old enough to use this phrase but here goes... Sugar and spice... makes everything nice. Now that was beyond corny but I hope I got my message across and which is you can't generalize something as broad as using symbols to deem someone inadequate to receive respect. You don't have to respect someone , but you also can't disrespect them. Anyhow I'd be surprised if you made it past line 3 since now I'm being a stereo typical women and rambling.

Hope your having a nice week