Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why do you cheat? [UPDATED]

I've been working The Letters Project since 2008, when I launched Letters from Johns.
I have been a john, off and on, since that crazy year. I've paid for sex with college girls in Seattle while on my way to Japan. I spent an extra two days in Frankfurt, returning from my last tour in Iraq, just to spend some Euros in one of the various Eros Centers. I've picked up streetwalkers for a twenty dollar blow job, and I've spent as much as five hundred bucks (not including a room and dinner afterwards). I've crossed the South Texas border for weekend sex jaunts. When I was stationed in Japan, I even took a week-long trip to Thailand for the single-minded purpose of fucking, fucking, and more fucking. -- I Am Ashamed of Nothing I Have Done
After that, I created Letters from Working Girls.
Yes, we had the foot fetishists, the slaves, the others. These guys always had to pay extra, so most of us liked doing them. One guy, in particular, we all loved. We called him "park bench." He did not get undressed, he laid face down on the table, and the girl sat on him, naked, reading a magazine, not talking to him. After about 20 minutes he'd say thank-you, and that was it. -- I Wanted Them to Leave Happy
Then I did Letters from Men Who Watch Porn.
Like a train wreck, baby: my eyes are inexorably drawn in to the center of scene, blood flow increases to the cerebral cortex, and my brain and body respond as programmed by thousands of years of evolution coursing through veins. -- I Began to Feel Abnormal
Which was followed by Letters from Men Who Go to Strip Clubs.
My fiancee is a knockout, and has a great body that I get plenty of enjoyment from, including a naturally fantastic chest on a slim figure. We have a healthy sex life. She considers herself more sexually adventurous than me, and in some ways that may be right. But of course I can't talk to her about the fake boobs thing. It's not that I would even want her to get them. And of course, that's not the type of fetish that she and I could enjoy in the privacy of our bedroom. It's an in your face kind of thing. -- I Have a Fetish for Big Fake Boobs
Now I'm looking for Letters from Men Who Cheaters.

[UPDATE: I've revised this project to include men and women who have cheated.]

Why did you cheat?

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