Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I received this email yesterday from a young journalism student. So, it has come to this? It's all so very tragic.
Dear Ms. Breslin,
I am a student TV reporter from [redacted] College doing a story about online dating. My friend [redacted] told me you would be a great source. While I am failing at finding a good angle, my teacher demands that it be sensationalist. I need some sort of dark experience story or something quirky. I was thinking about dating sights for amputees/ injured soldiers coming back from war looking for love. I will take anything that I can film in Boston with. Would you know anybody who would be willing to talk on camera before Friday? That is my deadline for a mini-story. I really appreciate any kind of help and thank you for your time.
Very truly yours,
I'm sorry, A, I cannot help you in your quest for a sensationalist, amputee-addled love story.