Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hey, want to read the first five sentences of my novel?
He was standing in the house on the hill, and he was watching the girl having sex with the machine, and he was thinking: Is this all there is? Is this it? Has my life come to this? He sat down on the purple velvet fainting couch behind him. That looks great, honey, he said to the girl. He didn’t want anyone else to know what he was thinking, sitting here, on this purple couch that wasn’t his, wondering what the hell he was doing, what he had done to take him to this place, to this house, to this hill, on this day. Whirrrrr, the machine said, like it was doing something really important, and the engine continued driving the metal bar with the dildo attached to the end of it in and out of the girl.
You're welcome.