Thursday, June 23, 2011

I get email

What is the fucking point of this story? I need to look around more often; I had no idea this was what journalism was becoming. How is your own father relevant to anything? Even on Father's day, the notion is simply silly. And your writing is now commonplace? Some Organizations' Editorial sections are one thing, but my how sickening the world has become when people have to "figure out" that the covert thesis of nearly every work of written (keyed) self-endulging journalism is "and that is why I am right." And the way you have been taught frightens one:

- So Sublime. Use Small Sentence. Emphasizie "." to Emphasize "." to Emphasize "point", which is by speaking slowly, but longly, you may impress greatly, but only do so subtly or you may be found out as one that "tries" that is "attempts", perhaps even "succeeds."

Eat Lead and Die Cunt!