Friday, January 29, 2010

An excerpt from my novel

He was standing in the house on the hill, and he was watching the girl having sex with the machine, and he was thinking: Is this all there is? Is this it? Has my life come to this? He sat down on the purple velvet fainting couch behind him. That looks great, honey, he said to the girl. He didn’t want anyone to know what he was thinking, sitting on this purple couch that wasn’t his, wondering what the hell he was doing, what he had done to take him to this place, to this house, to this hill, to this day. Whirrrrr, the machine said, like it was doing something really important, and the engine kept driving the metal bar with the dildo attached to the end of it in and out of the girl. In the swing they had hung from the ceiling that morning, the girl tilted her head all the way back, her shiny brown hair fell loose, and her glossy pink lips parted. Oh, the girl said, as if she had thought of something terrifically important, although what that was she did not say. He blinked, then remembered the girl was an idiot. He had found her on the internet, a few days before. The background of her MySpace page was deep purple and covered with clouds. A love song had started playing. Under Interests, she had put: I love networking and hanging out with friends, going to lunch and shopping at VERSACE! Going to Baptist and Evangelico churches with Harmony (REAL churches), getting stoned and writing down the lyrics to rap videos because they are so hilarious, and laughing at people who take porn too seriously! It's Fucking porn people. WE ALL DO IT!!! PS I like gang-bangs :) For a minute, he had sat at his desk, staring at the smiley face the girl had put at the end of that sentence, wondering what she had meant by that, what she was thinking when she had put that there. In her photo, she was standing on a balcony in a pale pink negligee, holding tight to the railing behind her as if a great gust of wind might blow her away. Something about the girl made him want to tear out his eyes and do unnamed things to her at the same time. Women had that affect on him.
-- from HAPPY