Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In My Other Life, I'm a Fashion Blogger

When I'm not complaining about my ongoing kidney stone saga, I spend my time contemplating all things fashion. So much vapidity, one can lose oneself in it.

On The Frisky, my post on a fashion layout that could put your eye out went viral.

I also wondered if Jimmy Choo ripped off a fashion blogger.

And then there was this guy, who pretty much ruined those heel-less Nina Ricci boots for me.

Elsewhere, Gaultier's fashion week show in Paris blew my mind. (Make sure to click on "View Full Screen" for full glory.) Valentino dazzled but was a bit inconsistent. And Dior was, well, Dior. Pat McGrath's faces were, as usual, awe-inspiring.

Recently, Jill Sherman, who runs one of my favorite fashion blogs, Trend de la Creme, blogged about being diagnosed with MS. Jill is awesome! She encourages you to donate to the National MS Society. Do it.

Over on my Twitter feed, I do a regular tweet called "Your Daily Shoe Porn." It just features a link to some fanastical pair of shoes or the other. Probably, I should turn that idea into a blog. Probably, I won't. Check out these Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Corroded Brass Pumps. A mere $2,393! Sigh. A girl can dream.