Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Off the Record

Going into 2010, I don't have much in the way of concrete New Year's resolutions, other than, you know, "be less fat," "get off your ass," and "stop being such a nutcase," except that I do want to, ah, spread my wings, and venture into some new territories, and try some untried things.

I know this is shocking, but sitting around blogging about random crap does not get one taken very seriously. And serious! That is what I am now! Very, very serious! I cut like a knife. Or, you know, whatever. Actually, I drink a lot of tea, eat a lot of eggs, and don't go to yoga nearly enough.

In the spirit of taking myself more gravely, as it were, I've started a blog over at True/Slant: "Off the Record." I decided to call it that because a) I couldn't think of anything else, b) it sounded super-sexy, and c) I am totally into cheesy journalisms.

All joking aside, or at least taking a rest on the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table, I will, I hope, be doing some more serious reportage there. I'm really looking forward to it. If all goes well, when I spread my tiny new wings, I will not fall to my death and splat and break my neck on the pavement far, far below, but fly like, um, a bird, or whatever.

Anyway, follow me there. There's comments and everything! Thanks to the charming Coates Bateman for having me.