Thursday, April 22, 2010

Press rewind if I haven't blown your mind

The other day, someone was like, what kind of music do you listen to? And I was like, fuck if I know. I never buy CDs or download music, or whatever it is you people do. Don't mostly guys do that shit? Who knows. Anyway, I do listen to random music that I encounter on the interwebs, but I listen to it mostly on YouTube. Is that strange? Am I the only one? Probably. I'm so fucking singular it fucking blows my own mind. Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend music remix.

"Anenome," The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"The Homeless Wanderer," Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou

"Way Down," N.A.S.A.

"Heart of Stone," The Raveonettes

"Walk Don't Run," U900

"Go with the Flow," Queens of the Stone Age

"We Had Love," The Scientists

"Wood," The Dead Pirates

"Smokin' on da Dro [Alice in Wonderland Version]," Three 6 Mafia

"The Outsider [Typographic Animation Version]," DJ Shadow

"Head Get Mangled," Newham Generals

"Way Down in the Hole," M.I.A. featuring Blaqstarr

"Honkin' (On My Crack Pipe)," Paul Steel

"Honey Honey," Feist

"House of Cards," Radiohead

"She Is the New Thing," The Horrors