Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Virginia rejected license plates exposed!

I called up the DMV. I wrote down a bunch of obscene acronyms. On the internet, they call this "original reporting."
"Surely, Virginia has a unique relationship to politics. Among the more provocative politically-themed plates rejected in ‘09: 'EFOBAMA,' 'OBMASX,' and 'FPALIN.' It was unclear if others were political or sexual: 'TBAG4U,' 'TBAGGER,' 'TBAGGNU.' In 2003, 'Choose Life' plates generated public debate. 2009 saw a lone 'ABORT.' Then, there was 'DEMOCRP.' But, without a doubt, the most enigmatic possible political plate message was 'H8KSM.' A reference to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or an all-girl teen rock band? We may never know."