Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snuff is the HIV of the blogosphere

Over at True/Slant, I wrote about the Apache helicopter video: "An Appetite for Snuff." To be perfectly honest, I tune out a lot on the political front. Basically, it seems like political debate these days is just one pundit hollering at another, and I fail to understand the point.

That said, the general reaction to this video really churned me into a frenzy. Liberals screaming about how it was a MASSACRE of innocents (armed with RPGs and AK-47s, but, hey, who needs facts when you're blogging?), conservatives defending it by any means necessary, and nobody really stopping to think about what it all means that we are in total debating nothing, a lot of hot air signifying puffery, misdirecting our collective attention so we can avoid the fact that it's all a protracted excuse to ogle what amounts to a snuff video.
"So, it seems, 'Roller Ball Murder' has finally come to pass. In the 21st century, death is entertainment, and the only thing that can whet our appetite is watching people die. After all, where else could we go after we all watched '2 Girls 1 Cup'? Porn is so passe, and snuff is the new, new thing. In the olden days, you had to leave the house to rent 'Faces of Death.' These days, snuff is piped into your home 24/7, and if you feel any quiver of self-revulsion at your desire to watch other people dying, you can upload the video to your blog and weigh in with your own admittedly under-informed two-cents on it. That way, you can pretend you’re engaged in, you know, a conversation. It’s not like what you’re in the business of is trading in snuff, right? No. Not you."
Posts like these that I've written in the past tend to be unpopular. Nobody, it seems, wants to look in the mirror. They'd rather watch that video one more time.