Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everything is bigger

It looks like I'll be going to Austin, Texas, in a couple of weeks. Previously, I have been to Forth Worth, Dallas, and, I think, Houston. I don't know much about Texas other than it is big, there are horses, and a river runs through Austin.

I rode horses from when I was around eight until I was around 20. I got my first horse when I was in the eight grade, I believe. His name was Knight's Gambit, which is the name of a Faulkner novel and a chess move.

His head was big as a suitcase, and he had a penchant for bucking. We spent one long, hot summer riding him around in circles, smacking him in the ass with a crop every time he bucked, until he finally decided to stop.
"She was the kind of cowboy, the kind that all the Old West dreamed about, and never woke up while it lasted."
-- Cowboy Kate