Monday, June 14, 2010

Highlights from the comments section of my Salon story

Last week I wrote a story for Salon about Stephen Hill, a sometimes-porn star who attacked three coworkers, killing one and injuring two. Several days later, Hill turned up atop a cliff in the San Fernando Valley. Eight hours after that, surrounded by LAPD officers and SWAT team members, he fell to his death.

It appears the comments section was closed less than two hours after the story was published. The last comment was entitled, "Breslin needs to get laid," and began, "Sure hope you're no relation to the late, great Jimmy."

A few highlights:
"Wow, what a misandric rant."

"So just want to say that if this crap is the best Salon can do ... my days of paying for Salon subscription will be at an end."

"I also take it that you're pretty vanilla in the sack."

"One suspects that the author of the article has a visceral reaction to porn similar to the reaction of a fundamentalist Christian."

"[W]hy are women's arguments always reductively self-serving?"

"Either Ms. Breslin or the editors still have some work to do on this piece."

"A few of the sentences I had to read more than once, they were so poorly constructed."

"Don't believe a word of her amateurish gutter level trash 'cause her cred is more like crud."