Friday, June 18, 2010

I get email

Hello Susannah,

I may not view your blog as regularly as I would treat a newspaper, or even under the same circumstances, but I like your work. You are an interesting character. Not in a "I want to date you" or "I want my girlfriend to be like you" way, but in a "I respect your efforts in journalism" way. There are two types of people. There are the people that see everything coloured with Disney provided glasses- everything they see and do they believe is perfect and has no ill repercussions in any way. The porn they watch is as normal as their intercourse with their spouse, the wars they support only hurt the bad guys who deserve death. The civilians don't mind because they are so grateful for the freedom they are given. You see the underlying truth of the world, but you also accept it, and document it. Most people, when they see these things, don't really want to say anything, or are too cowardly to make a point about it. I like your writing because you will say what you see, regardless of who it offends. You just sort of tell the truth, feelings be damned, as long as people understand just how dirty a subject really is. That is how the world works with everything- we both know this.

I should probably create a new paragraph. I tend to forget to do this, and as a writer it may drive you insane to read such a long body of text without a break. I mean there are dozens of journalists who see what you do but they don't mind pushing the government line, accepting couchy jobs providing the reports other people tell them to write. Perhaps this is your curse. You have my respect because I know that you would stand up for what is there, be it ugly, perverse, or dirty. I am not saying this to flatter you, or because I would want you to say nice things about me. I figure that someone like you must get a great deal of derogatory fan mail, especially since you are a woman, and they feel like they can intimidate you easier. People are like that. So I thought I would say to you, "keep up the good work". If I ever had a story to tell, I figure I would come to you. I mean there are people like us, who see the world in a really dirty light, and then there are others who see it innocently. No offense, but if I were to like someone, I would like to feel as if I would be able to protect her from the filth and the dirt- letting her exist in a Disney world. LOL. I don't mean this in a "lets make Ms. Breslin feel bad that she isn't married" kind of way, but in a "perhaps the woman I love can hear my thoughts, and I don't want her to think something wrong" kind of way. And I would state this in the email to make it absolutely clear to my psychic beauty that there is nothing weird going on, or that I want her to change. If you cannot tell, I am 90% crazy. Perhaps there is a story in that. ANYWAYS! Good luck with your career and I hope that your War Project is a success: I really look forward to reading it! I thank you for your time.