Sunday, June 20, 2010

I get email

I am watching yoour change of focus. I think that you have chosen an interesting and misunderstood segment of humanity. I am sure you have seen that you have gone from sex to war, yet only changed the players. You didn't witness sex, you saw no-bounds packaging of sex as a product until it had lost all of its roots in humanity. War is violence without reason. Porn is sex without humanity. Or is it the
exact opposite?

Is porn sex fraught with humanity? Is war concentrated voiolence thick with reason? I think the former comparrisons are accurate until one passes through the looking glass. Then the latter statements become true.

For myself, I agree that the eyes are the windows of the soul- but you can only understand that after you pass through the pane. Once you pass through, the brutal clarity of another viewpoint seeps into your soul. We have written to each other about this issue before.

Most every vet I have known does not speak of his experiences except with other vets. The cauldron that is the sea openned people to share stories that normally they would not. I heard stories of war and personal shame and families gone wrong. I also got to hear about the little treasures from people's lives that they hold close and never, otherwise, share. I worry that you only get to see the ugly sides.

When I look into a person's eyes, now, I see many ugly things. Occationally, I see something wonderful as well. I hope, sincerely, that you get to see some of the pretty parts in life. I do not know that war stories will get you there. I do salute your unblinking dive into the abyss.