Monday, April 11, 2011

Ben Bernanke is my new BFF

One thing I like about writing for Minyanville is that I always learn something when I write for them. This time, I uncovered "Five Things You Didn't Know About Ben Bernanke." Here's my favorite Bernanke trivia:
May I Take Your Order, Please?
If you’ve ever crossed the border between North Carolina and South Carolina along Interstate 95 and seen a giant Sombrero Tower, you’ve spotted where Young Bernanke worked as a waiter. During the summers between semesters at Harvard, the Fed-in-Chief returned to his hometown and slaved at “tourist mecca” South of the Border to pay his way through college. At the Mexican-themed roadside attraction, which features an amusement park and a mascot named Pedro, Bernanke served diners at the Sombrero Restaurant and wore a poncho. In a 60 Minutes interview, Bernanke revealed that his summer jobs taught him that “work is hard.”
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