Thursday, April 7, 2011

I get email

Ms. Breslin,

I did a meta-analysis of your latest post that Instapundit linked. I noticed that one of your coping strategies was to compare this painful event (job loss) with another painful event. This is very wise. Then you compared your unhappy condition (unemployment) with anothers’ unhappier condition and expressed sympathy and thankfulness that things weren’t worse. Also wise. (In particular, the unhappy girl's guilt and desire for redemption touched my heart. I prayed for her.)

While you were having your breakdown, I was being slowly poisoned to death. Chemotherapy is played by killing as many cells as possible in the hopes that all the cancer cells are poisoned, but enough non-cancer cells survive. It was unpleasant. I’d do it again rather than go through your breakdown, because I managed to keep a positive mental attitude. (At least I faked it well enough to fool everyone.) I learned that a chemotherapy room is a good place to learn to count one’s blessings.

I think you write well and I hope your novel sells. Please let me know where/when I can buy it.