Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions of a former link bait hustler

My latest post at my Forbes blog PINK SLIPPED is called "How to Make Money and Not Be Ashamed," which is sort of what it's about, but it's also about how to get more readers for your blog, and how if you never do anything, how can you ever expect anyone to care about what you're doing?

Sometimes, I sort of work myself into a lather when I write a post, and this was one of those posts. I have strong feelings about blogs, not fully understood. I think because for me blogging is sort of the virtual embodiment of an uncensored existence, and I am a huge fan of living an uncensored life.
Today, particularly on the web, few care about facts. More care about opinions. Some see this as the demise of everything that is great and true in this country and in journalism. Personally, I don’t. I’ve always found the idea that news could be objective an absurd fantasy, one that, at best, could be aspired to but never manifested. The brain is not subjective. Neither is anything that comes forth from it. “Serious journalists” can delude themselves they are engaged in acts of objective journalism. They are not. Every piece of journalism is a propaganda piece. The only difference is between those who admit it and those who don’t.
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