Thursday, April 19, 2012

I get email

I ,as a 20 year old woman , masters degree seeking college student think it was quite brassy what you said in your column. Yes, I understand few people (the dumb) will take this n some subliminal level as “men are bad, women are good” but that’s ridiculous, even I can tell April 17’s purpose is not to go around brain washing the public into believing that. In no way in any article I’ve read does it directly say or suggest that.
Also, I thought it was unprofessional how you completely left out Lilly Ledbetter & the bill Obama passed in 2009 when you talked about how all women do is bitch & whine about it instead of turning it around. As for your cancer, I’m sorry, wish you the best and I completely understand why you brought that up. Last thing I would like to say is indeed this recognized day is not stupid, its necessary.
If we can acknowledge the date of pearl harbor or MLK assassination , affirmative action, date titanic sunk( for god sakes!) or rights for illegal immigrants why is it superfluous to be real with the public & bring this issue to light?

Hope I gave you something to think about. feel free to contact me whenever you like.