Friday, April 27, 2012


What did I write about at Forbes this week?

"The Hardest Thing About Being a Male Porn Star":
“I guess the hardest thing about being a male performer is … um … I don’t know,” Deen says. “My job is pretty easy.”
"Are You A Supertemp Or a Subpartemp?": 
The Subpartemp: The subpartemp is a wallower. They spend the first two hours of the day repeatedly checking their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and BuzzFeed. Once they get to work, they put in an hour of grinding, then slam their laptop closed and decide it’s time to leave the house. They spend an hour getting ready and meet their friend at a nearby coffeehouse, where they bitch about the economy.
"Why You're Doing Social Media Wrong":
If you hire someone who is dead serious and funny as a doorstop, they will never, ever be entertaining. And say what you will about consumer-brand engagement online. People want to be entertained.