Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I get email

And yet you DO natter on about it...Endlessly!
Hey, we all got our crosses to bear, lady...yours is far and away not the worst. Not even close. You're still walking, right?
Got access to decent healthcare and a place to sleep? Is there hope? Still breathing?
OH, KWITYERBITCHIN' already, and get on with life! You must not be paying much attention in yoga class.
And if you continue to hang out the C-card every other para to "justify your position" or garner that pity pause from the audience, I will personally steer through the petition to get you yanked from Forbes, a publication which clearly does not monitor its writers' mission, motives, or meandering self-imploded ego rants.
Hold up.... motivated by personal whim, questionable focus, and meandering head-up-the-ass rants...?
Hey! Conservative America at its best! Forbes got it right! You go, Girl. At this rate, they'll be offering you a corner office within the year.
But you won't take it though, because, by this time, your pajamas (or yoga pants) have adhered permanently to your skin.
Seriously, though. I think you need to get out of the house. Your world seems to be growing smaller and smaller.
You used to be somewhat interesting. Now, you're boring as shit.