Friday, March 4, 2011

How to sell a short story

I've got a new post up at my Forbes blog, PINK SLIPPED. It's about an experiment I conducted not long ago. I decided to sell a custom-made short story online. Did it work -- or bomb spectacularly? As it turned out, it was a love story.
I've been a fiction writer for as long as I can remember. One of my early works involved a buffalo. It was handwritten on a sheet of paper with one-inch tall lines for kindergarten scrawl. After graduate school, my short stories were published in literary magazines, online, and in anthologies. Several years ago, I published a short story collection, You're a Bad Man, Aren't You? The book has since gone out of print. Used booksellers offer it on Amazon starting at $2,398.04.
If you're interested in having me write a bespoke story for you or someone you know, read the rules, then email me.

[How to Sell Your Fiction Online: A Love Story]